Saturday, July 30, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (36) Silk - 丝(絲)

The Shell Bone script of character Silk is

a picture of two bouquet of thread,

Its Big seal script is

Similar to Shell bone script.

Its Small Seal script is

similar, but bottom knots are significant longer.

Its Clerical script is

some similarity. Basically, the round cycles are replaced by open, sharp turn straight lines. It is not much pictography anymore.

Its current standard printing script for traditional character is

same as Clerical script.

Its current standard printing script for simplified character is

changed further from the traditional one. 

Its Pinyin is "Si1"

Every character with half of the Silk, such as 经,纬,纤,纱,织,etc, all are something related to silk or fiber. 

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