Friday, July 22, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (10) Wood, Forest, Great Forest - 木, 林,森

The shell bone script of character Wood is

like a tree.

Its bronze script is

Similar to the shell bone script.

Its big seal script is

Similar to old scripts.

Its small seal script is

similar but more symmetric, smooth lines.

Its clerical script is

Very beautiful, isn't it? It is still like tree.

The song typeface of the character is

Almost the same as its Clerical script, nothing needs to be changed, and simplified.

Its Pinyin is "Mu4"

If we put two character Wood together, which forms a new character forest. The shell bone script is

is small forest.

If three woods (trees) together in shell bone script

which means Great Forest.

They are very interesting characters, both pictography and ideogram, very few characters are like them.

The Small Seal script characters are


The Clerical script characters are


Traditional and simplified characters are same.

The song typeface of character Forest is

The song typeface of character Great Forest is

The Pinyin for is "Lin2", for is “Sen1"

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