Thursday, July 28, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (27) Good - 好

The Shell Bone script of character Good is

a combination of two characters: on the left is

which is "Child", on the right is

which is "Woman".

The character means that a lady who holds a child, which is "Good". Ancient Chinese might have considered that having lady and child or children is a very good thing.

This character is an ideogram character, which is formed by two (or more) characters, normally pictography characters, producing a new character with new meaning. 

Its bronze script is

The left is character Woman, the right is character Child, contrary to above.

Its big seal script is
The left is character Child, the right is character Woman, same as shell bone script.

Its small seal script is

the "Woman" is on the left, and the "Child" is on the right now, which is same if you feel good to have "lady and child" and "child and lady". The order doesn't matter.

Nowadays, many Chinese explain this character as "It is good if you have one son and one daughter", which is interesting, but not the original meaning. It is "Woman" not "Daughter" of the character 

Its clerical script is 

the character "Woman" is on the left, the character "Child" is on right.

The current standard printing script is

same as the Clerical script.

It is one of the most popular character in Chinese, everyone may have to say it many times every day.

Its Pinyin is "Hao3".

It has another meaning and another pronunciation: Like or Interest, pronounced as "Hao4".

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