Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (3) Field - 田

The Shell Bone script of character Field is

just like rice field in the countryside.

The above picture is the rice field. 

When I asked students or Americans what the character looks like? The answer is window.

It is understandable because it is like American windows. But traditional Chinese windows are different, let's look a couple pictures:

They are not like American windows at all. The character is more like Chinese field, not Chinese traditional window.

Its bronze script is

It is square.

Its big seal script is
It is a wheel.

Its small Seal script is

similar as the old scripts, a rounded border replaced the square border. Both can be seen in the real world.

The clerical script is

almost the same as old characters. It is the simplest, and best character to present the Field.

Its song typeface is
It is pronounced as "Tian2".

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