Friday, July 29, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (35) Horn - 角

The Shell Bone script of character Horn is

exactly like a horn. It is more like a picture than a character.

Its Bronze script is

More like a horn.

Its Big Seal script is

This one is less like horn.

Its Small Seal script is

not as good as the Shell Bone script, but still like a horn.

Its Clerical script is

some similarity to the above two older scripts, but people would not be able to relate it to a horn if they didn't see the older scripts.

Its current standard printing script for traditional or simplified character is

same as the Clerical script.

Its Pinyin is "Jiao3"

The character 角 has the original meaning of Horn, but also has another meanings: Angle, Corner. Maybe because the Angle, or Corner has one sharp end which is similar to the Horn. 

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