Saturday, July 30, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (37) People or Human Being - 人

The Shell Bone script of character People or Human being is

a bowing person's side image.

Its bronze script is

Similar to shell bone script.

Its big seal script is
Similar to old scripts.

Its Small Seal script is

similar, but the back is bent as big as an Ape. It was not to describe a human being as an ape, it is just  to extend the arm to the ground to make the character more symmetric because the symmetric is the typical characteristic of small seal script.

Its Clerical script is

not much similarity. But we can understand, the left-falling stroke is the arm, and the right-falling stroke is the body.

Its current standard printing script for traditional or simplified character is

impossible to simplify anymore. It is one of the simplest characters. 

Its Pinyin is "Ren2".

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