Sunday, July 31, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (41) Head - 首

The shell bone script of character Head is

exactly like a head of dog, or cow, or another animal.

Its small script is

changed a lot. It is more like a human head with a face and three hair on the top. I can only guess that there were many shell bone scripts for Head, some liked animal head, some liked human head, the Mr. Si Li who was the guy to unify the characters under the order of The First Emperor chose the one similar to human head. Because we only have found some shell bone scripts, which we only understand partial of them, so the character Head which is similar to human head may not have been found, or understood.

Its clerical script is

similar to the small script. But less hair, and rectage face instead of round one.

The current standard printing script for traditional or simplified character is

same as the clerical script.

Its Pinyin is "Shou3".

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