Thursday, August 4, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (48) Rooster or Chicken - 鸡(雞)

Rooster is the tenth animal in Chinese Zodiac.

The shell bone script of character Rooster or Chicken or Hen is

a lovely Rooster, seen from the front.

Its big seal script is

Its small seal script is

a Rooster seen from the side.

The top of left part is like a crest, the middle is like a neck, the bottom is like the legs; the right part is like the feathers. It is pictography character, even though not very good.

Its clerical script is

similar to the small seal script, especially on the left part. The right part is not similar, which is actually character Bird

Rooster is a bird, just can fly high.

So the clerical script is more like ideogram character.

The song typeface for traditional character is

the right part is more like the small seal script than clerical script.

There is another explanation for this character, which says that the left 奚 is a hand (the top) holding a rope tying a bird.  I don't agree with the explanation because there is another character 维 (Post 92) which means exactly the rope tying a bird, the only difference is 雞 with hand, and 维 without. However, it is possible for ancient Chinese to tie gamecock which is rooster. 

The song typeface for simplified character is 

very different from all above. But the left 又,looks like the chicken mouth, the right part is the simplified character bird

so simplified character is better present the Chicken.

Its Pinyin is "Ji1".

Unlike English, Chinese use this character for Rooster, Hen, Chicken, etc. If people put a male in front of the character: 公鸡 , similar to Male-chicken, or 母鸡 - Female - chicken, etc. 

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