Monday, August 8, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (62) Book or Volume - 册(冊)

The shell bone script of character Book or Volume is

the four vertical lines represent the bamboo slips, which were the writing materials in ancient time. People wrote on bamboo slips, then connected them by ropes. The circle line represents the rope. Because a bamboo slip is very small, only a few or a dozen character could be written on.  Hundreds or thousands or even tens thousands bamboo slips were needed to write a book.

As we knew, the shell bone script was written on shell or bone when people had not found the bamboo slips for writing, how could we have a shell bone script with a tied bamboo slips for Book?What I think is that the bamboo slips was used in the late of the shell bone script time, or after bamboo slips had been used widely, people still wrote on shell or bone sometime.

Its big script is
very similar to shell bone script.

Its small script is

similar to old scripts.

Its clerical script is

still similar to the older two scripts, but only one rope left, and the top slips are connected.

The song typeface traditional character is

The song typeface simplified character is

both are very similar. It has 7 strokes, same as the traditional character, which means not a real simplification.

Its Pinyin is "Ce4".
I need to point out that right now, the character 書 or which original meaning is "Write" is used more popular for "Book", so character 册 is used more often as Volume - a copy of the Book. 

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