Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (65) Ask - 问(問)

The shell bone script for character Ask is

which is formed by two pictography characters, one is "Door"

another is "Mouth"

this one is a little bit too big fot the door above (sorry, couldn't find a smaller one). But anyway, "a mouth in a door" is "Ask". Why? Ancient Chinese thought that a person approached to a door, and opened his mouth, he was asking something.

It is an ideogram character.

Its small seal script is

very similar to the shell bone script.

Its clerical script is

similar to older scripts.

Its current standard printing script for traditional character is

same as the clerical script.

Its current standard printing script for simplified character is

in which the "door" has changed, the pictography is compromised. 

Its Pinyin is "Wen4".

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