Thursday, August 11, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (66) Learn - 学(學)

The shell bone script of character Learn or Study is

The top are two hands, the XX are counting rods or sticks. The two hands hold the sticks, which means that a person is learning how to count.

The bronze script of character Learn is

The top part is from the shell bone script,  the middle part is two legs of an adult, the bottom part is a child. The character is a picture in which an adult is teaching a child or a child is learning from an adult how to count.

It is a pictographic and ideogram character.

the big seal script of the character is

Similar to bronze script.

Its small script is

very similar to the bronze script.

Its clerical script is

the top part is simliar to the older scripts but the bottom part changed from a round circle to a horizontal line, the upward bent curve for two arms to a horizontal line,  and the vertical line to a curve with a hook at the end.

The changed damaged the pictography at the bottom but it is still a good ideogram character.

The song typeface of traditional character is

same as the clerical script.

The song typeface of simplified character is

which changed the top part to three dots. Now the character has no any pictography feature. You can't get any meaningful information from the character. You may write a few strokes, but lost all meaningful pictography, and ideography feature.

Its Pinyin is "Xue2".

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