Sunday, September 11, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (74) Follow - 从(從)

We learnt the Character People or Person - 人,  let us see two other characters formed by two or three Character People - 人.

The first is character Follow, its shell bone script is

 which is two people, one follows another: Follow

There is another character very similar.

which has two people standing front and back, but facing right and forearms up. It means Compete (See Post 162). 

However, there is a different form of its shell bone script above

In which, the right part is similar to the shell bone Follow above, the left is radical Double Person, which  means "Street". So the character is Follow too, but emphasizing the two people on street.

The bronze script of the character is

The right top is similar to shell bone script, two person walk toward to left. The right bottom is character Foot (Post 93). The left is radical Double Person, which means street. Total script is similar to the second shell bone script above, but there is extra character Foot in the bottom, which is emphasizing "walking" on foot.

The big seal script of the character is

very similar to bronze script.

Its small seal script is

The left top is road, the bottom is Foot. The right are two person, which is similar to big seal script, just moved the Foot from the right bottom to left bottom.

Its clerical script is

which changed a lot. The bottom of "Foot" moves to the right, under the two people. The left become "Street" part. It is difficult from here to see meaningful pictography of the character.

Its current standard printing script for traditional script is

same as it clerical script. 

Its current standard printing script of simplified script is 

similar to the simple form of original shell bone script, which is better pictography and ideogram character. It is a good example of simplified character is better than the traditional counterpart. 

Its Pinyin is "Cong2".

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