Friday, September 16, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (77) East, Bright, Dusk - 东(東), 杲,杳

We learnt shell bone script for Wood

and Sun

The two can form new characters. The difference of relative position between the two characters produces diffierent new characters.

If the character Sun is in the Wood (shell bone script)

which is East, the direction you watch the sun through the tree horizontally.

If the character Sun is on the top of the Wood (shell bone script)

which is Bright because the Sun rises very high, above the tree, like at Noon. So it is bright. 

If the character Sun is on below the Wood (big seal script)

which is Dusk because the Sun falls down below the tree. 

They are ideogram characters.

Their small seal scripts are

Their clerical scripts are 

The current standard script for tradional character for East

same as its clerical script

Its current standard script for simplified character is

The other two have the same character for both traditional or simplified character


Their Pinyin are 東 -Dong1, 杲 -Gao3, 杳 -Yao3.

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