Friday, September 16, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (77) East, Bright, Dusk - 东(東), 杲,杳

The shell bone script of character East is 


Two characters form this character.

The first one: the shell bone script of character Wood (Post 10)

The second one: the shell bone script of character Sun (Post 4)

Put them together, we got the character East: the direction you watch the sun through the tree horizontally in the morning.


The shell bone script of character Bright is

The character Sun is on the top, the character Wood (tree) is on the bottom, which means that the Sun rises very high, above the tree, like at Noon. It is bright. 


 The shell bone script of character Dust is not found. The earliest is the big seal script of character Dust,


The character Wood is on top, the character Sun is on bottom, which means Dusk because the Sun falls down below the tree. 


They are ideogram characters.


Their small seal scripts of the three characters are



They are formed by characters of Wood and Sun with different relative positions.


Their clerical scripts are 


The song typeface of traditional character of East


same as its clerical script


The song typeface of simplified character is



The other two do not simplified characters, only one form for each.


Their Pinyin are  Dong1,  Gao3,  Yao3.



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