Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (82) Country - 国(國)

The shell bone script of character Country is

The right is Dagger-axe, the left 口 is city. Ancient Chinese thought that a city protected by army is country.

The big seal script of Character Country is

We can see there is

on the right, which is Dagger-axe (Post 80), means weapon or army too. A circle with a dot inside is on the left with a short horizontal line below.

To found a country, you should have armed forces to defend enemy, which is represented by Dagger-axe. The short line on the left bottome represents the land, and the circle with a dot is the Sun. Army, land, and sun form a country.

Its small seal script is

changed a lot. First there is a big rectangle surrounding the inside where are a Dagger-axe character, a small circle and a short horizontal line.

Now the country is explained as "Army, land, population, and border". The big rectangle is the border, the circle is population. Which represents the meaning of Country much better.

Its clerical script is

similar to the clerical script.

The current standard printing script for traditional character is

same as the clerical script.

The current standard printing script for simplified character is

the inside 玉 is jade, very expensive. But border with jade is not good to represent a country. So this simplified character lost its original ideogram features to reduce the strokes.

Its Pinyin is "Guo1".

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