Thursday, September 22, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters(84)Leisure - 闲(閑)

The bronze script of character Leisure is

there is a Door

outside and Wood


Wood inside Door is Leisure because people who could stay home gardening, have the leisure. Here the Wood means grass, flower, or/and tree. Or we can think it as people sit in front of the door, watching the trees.

In comparison with Stuck (Post 83)

which the Wood inside a small box or small room without access to outside, the Wood couldn't grow, stuck inside.

The Door can be door of a room, a house, even a yard, which are big. Also, Door means that there is an access to outside, so the Wood is not stuck, could grow.

The big seal script of the character is

The small seal script of Leisure is

Its clerical script is

The song typeface of traditional character is

same as the clerical script. There is another one

which is a Moon in the Door. The moon here is the light of moon penetrate the gap of the door, or we can think that people sit in front of the door, watching the moon.

the Door changed, which is less pictography.

Its Pinyin is "Xian".

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