Friday, September 23, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (86) Bored - 闷(悶)

The big seal script for character Bored is

the top is character Door (Post 15),

 the bottom is character Heart (Post 24)

a heart inside the door means that the person's heart is stuck in a small room because he/she has to stay at home for long time. He/she is bored, just like the experience people have under stay at home order during coronavirus pandemic.

Sometime, it also means that people feel difficult to breath because the room windows are all closed and no air conditioning, no fresh air in the room.

Its small seal script is

Its clerical script is

Its current standard printing script for traditional character is

Its current standard printing script for simplified character is

The difference is from that between traditional Door 門 and simplified Door 门。

Its Pinyin is "Men1". 

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