Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (107) Short - Tailed Bird - 隹

The shell bone script for character Short-Tailed Bird is

It is a small bird.

The big seal script is

In comparison with Character Bird

which has long tail.  Both are pictographic characters.

The small seal script of Short-Tailed Bird is

similar to the older scripts, but more like a stationary bird, not a flying bird.

Its clerical script is

the curves disappeared, but still some similarity to the small seal script.

Its current standard printing script is

I need to point out that this character is not used popular alone. But it is a very important radical in characters. All of times, it means "bird", or something related to "bird".

Its Pinyin is "Zhui1".

We should know, most characters with 隹 are related to, or evolved from small bird. E.g. 隻,雙,维,雀,...... which will be discussed in later posts.

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