Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (107) Short - Tailed Bird - 隹

The shell bone script of the character Short-Tailed Bird is

It is a small bird.

The bronze script of the character is

More like to bird.

The big seal script is

Similar to bronze script.

In comparison with Character Bird

which has long tail.  Both are pictographic characters.

The small seal script of Short-Tailed Bird is

similar to the older scripts, but more like a stationary bird, not a flying bird.

Its clerical script is

the curves disappeared, but still some similarity to the small seal script.

Its song typeface is

I need to point out that this character is not used popular alone. But it is a very important radical in characters. All of times, it means "bird", or something related to "bird".

Its Pinyin is "Zhui1".

We should know, most characters with 隹 are related to, or evolved from small bird. E.g. 隻,雙,维,雀,...... which will be discussed in later posts.

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