Sunday, October 2, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (91) Tie - 系(係)

The shell bone script of character Tie is

the top is a hand, and the bottom is bouquet of grass, or hemp yarn. It means that a person uses his hand to tie knots to keep record of events, which was popular in ancient China.

Different knots represent different event. 
Its small seal script is

there is still a hand on the top, but no fingers anymore. Only one thread of silk yarn is left on the bottom, it is simplified a lot from the shell bone script.

Its clerical script is

similar to small seal script but much less pictography. People can't see the original meaning any more.

The song typeface for traditional character is

The left part means Person, which means that it is an action of a person, normally is a verb. 

The song typeface for simplified character is

which is similar to clerical script.

Its Pinyin is "Xi4".

系 is used for tying anything with rope, shoelace, neckwear, or leather belt, etc.

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