Sunday, October 2, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (92) Maintain - 维(維)

The shell bone script for character Maintain is

the left is a rope (系, Post 91),  the right is a small bird (隹,Post 107). If you use a bunch of silk yarn to tie a bird, you maintain or keep the bird from flying away. It is an ideogram character.

Its big seal script is

The left is the rope, the right is the bird.

Its small seal script is

very similar to old scripts, but the lines are more smooth, less pictography, especially the "bird".

Its clerical script is

some similarity to older scripts, but not very pictography. You can't get original meaning from it.

The current standard printing script for traditional character is

same as the clerical script.

The current standard printing script for simplified character is

The only changed part is on the left bottom, the three dots become a short line. The left part is called Skein part, which is very popular part in many charcters. So we have many this kind simplified characters due to the radical part simplified in compound characters, which are half or partial simplified characters.

Its Pinyin is "Wei1".


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