Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Amazing Chinese Characters (95) Wade - 涉

The shell bone script of character Wade is
The character is two feet across a Water

In comparison with character Step (Post 94):
We see the Step, but a Water (Post 13) is in between the two feet, which means that a person is walking across the water.

The small seal script of Wade is

The left is Water, the right is Step. But the two feet are all on right of the water, not as pictographic as its shell bone script because it is difficult to put the water in between the two feet in small seal script. It has to put both feet on one side of the water, not crossing it. The original meaning in shell bone script is kept but the pictography is lost.

Its clerical script is
some similar to its small seal script.

Pinyin for 涉 is "She4".

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