Saturday, November 12, 2016

Amazing Chinese characters (112) Family - 家

The shell bone script of character Family is

a pig in a pigsty.

Is the pigsty the family? Is the pig lives in house? Of course not.

Ancient Chinese were originally nomadic people, they didn't settle down in one place because they hunted the wild animal for living. Only after they could raise animals at home, they settled down in one place for long time because they didn't need to hunt everyday. The most domestic animal was pig, and still is because they are mild and easy to be raised.

Anyway, pig is in pigsty, which is a milestone of ancient Chinese life from nomadic to settled down farmers.

Its bronze script is more clear,

Inside is a pig.

The big seal script of the character is

The inside pig is changed to lines from picture.

The small seal script is

Inside is 豕, meaning Pig (Post 111).

The clerical script is

The current standard printing script is

Its pinyin is "Jia1".

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