Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Amazing Chinese Characters (144) Utensil - 皿

The shell bone script of character Utensil is

Just like a pot.

The bronze script of character Utensil is

Its big seal script is

Similar to Chinese ancient Utensil :


The scripts are drawings of the real items.

Its small seal script is

which is a little bit away from the picture, more straight lines. As always, the small seal script is more like language, not as artistic as shell bone and big seal scripts. But it is still similar to the old scripts.

The clerical script is

which still has some similarity to the old scripts, even though you may not think it as a pot if you didn't see the old scripts.

The current standard printing script is

Its Pinyin is Min3.

There is character "Pot" - 壶,discussed in Post 29.

shell bone script.
small seal script

The difference between the 皿 and 壶 -壶 is one of the 皿,  and 壶 is just a container for water only.

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