Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Amazing Chinese Characters (148) City - 城

The bronze script of character City or Town is

The bottom one

is character Soil - 土, means wall here. The rest is weapon, means army here. 

Wall and army to protect represent City.

The big seal script for Character City or Town is

 The left part

is a circle in the middle, which means the inside of the city,  the top and bottom are watchtowers on the city gates.

The right part

is weapon.

The circle, watchtowers on north and south, and soldier with weapon around to protect, which is a City or Town.

Its small seal script is

Here, the left changed to

which means Soil (136), no circle for city, no watchtowers. The simplification lost the meaningful pictography. The right part is similar to the big seal script.

Its clerical script is
which is similar to small seal script.

The current standard printing script is

Its Pinyin is Cheng2.

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