Friday, May 12, 2017

Amazing Chinese Characters (149) Guard -卫(衛)

The bronze script of the character Guard is

The circle in the center represents a city, the periphery is from shell bone Street or Walk (Post 96)

The reserve D above the circle, and D below the circle are feet.

The soldier who walks on the street around the city is Guard. 

The big seal script for Character Guard is

Same as shell bone script, the circle in the center is a city or town. The middle top and bottom are feet.

The outside

means "Street", and "Walk".

So the character means that the person who walks on the street in the city, is Guard.

Its small seal script is

We can see a circle in the center, a foot on the top. The bottom is more than a foot, which I can't explain right now. The outside is still Walk.

Its clerical script is

 It is similar to small seal script, easier to understand.

The current standard printing script for traditional character is

It is almost the same as the clerical script.

The song typeface of simplified character is

People believe that is simplified cursive script, which represents a foot, part of the old scripts. Because it is changed too much or simplified too much to connect to old scripts, people who just know simplified or traditional character has no way to connect to the counterpart. Simplification reduced most strokes but totally disconnect the similarity to old scripts, and killed the pictography of the character.

Its Pinyin is Wei4.

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