Saturday, June 10, 2017

Amazing Chinese Characters (155) Teach - 教

The shell bone script for character Teach is

the two XX are counting sticks, the bottom one

is character Child.

On the right is a hand holding a long vertical stick, which is used to beat the child if he didn't pay attention, or did poorly. Even nowadays, many Chinese believe that it is ok to beat kids if they didn't study hard or got bad score in school.

Let's compare this character with character Learn in bronze script

We see two XX for the sticks held by two hands on each side, the middle door-alike is a person's legs, and there is a child on the bottom. It is a picture of a child who is learning how to count, or an adult who is teaching a child how to count.

There is no beating stick, more peaceful picture.

The big seal script is for the character is

the left part is very similar to its shell bone script, the right part changed a little bit on the top.

The small seal script is

very similar to the older scripts.

The clerical script is

the change is huge. On the left, the top is totally changed, the bottom is 子,character Child in clerical script. The right part has some similarity to the older scripts if you see it very carefully.

The song typeface is

Almost same as clerical script.

The Pinyin of 教 is Jiao1.

I have to point out that it is illegal to physically punish students in China now. But it is said that the teachers could physical punish students, which is legal in Singapore.

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