Thursday, September 14, 2017

Amazing Chinese Characters (175) Ascend - 登

The shell bone script for character Ascend is


The top one has a

which is a pot, and the top two

are two feet.

The bottom one has the top same as the top character, plus the bottom two parts which are hands.

So what we have is a picture seeing from top down : two hands hold a big pot, ascending sacrificial altar. The process is ascending.

The top character has no hands, may be from different angle, people could only see the feet, not the hands. Anyway, both have the same meaning: Ascend.

The small seal script for the character is

The bottom part is similar, the top two feet are small seal script for feet.

The clerical script for the character is
Still the bottom part is similar, the top changed more, not like feet anymore.

The current standard printing script is

Its pinyin is Deng1.

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