Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Amazing Chinese Characters (176) Stork - 雚,鹳

The shell script for character Stork is

It is a bird with big eyes.

Its bronze script is

Its small seal script is

The top part is head and eyes, and the bottom part is character 隹,

which means "small bird".

The current standard script is

Its pinyin is Guan4.

There was another character which has the same meaning about two thousands years ago.

The big seal script for that character is

which is 雚 plus a 鳥 on the right.

which means Bird (big bird).

Its clerical script is

which eventually replaced the 雚.

The current standard script is

Its pinyin is Guan4, same as that for 雚.

Right now, 雚 is used more often as a radical in characters, which means big bird, not only storks, but owls which have big eys. 

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