Friday, January 5, 2018

Amazing Chinese Characters (186) Up - 上, Down - 下

The shell bone script of character Up is

One short stroke on the top and one long upward curved stroke on the bottom. The top short stroke indicates the sky, the bottom curved stroke indicates the earth. The short stroke over the upward curved stroke means Up.

The shell bone script of character Down is
right now, the top downward curved stroke over a short stroke means Down.

The small seal script of Up is

the bottom horizontal line indicates the earth, and the vertical half straight and half curved line indicates Up, the short horizontal line is the indicator - "I mean 'here'".

The small seal script of Down is
just the up-down of Up of small seal script.

The clerical script of Up is

similar to its small seal script but the vertical just up, no curve, simpler and better.

The clerical script of Down is
it is up-down of the Up of clerical script with the horizontal short line becomes a diagonal direction, which is better to represent the meaning of Down.

The song typeface for Up and Down are


They are called indicative characters. The short line, or the diagonal short line or pointer are the indicators to tell the meanings of the characters.

The Pinyin of 上 is Shang1, and Pinyin for 下 is Xia4.

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