Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Amazing Chinese Characters (194) Shell - 贝(貝)

The shell bone script of character Shell is

which is a drawing from the real open shell, seeing from the front.

Its bronze script is 

Its big seal script is

It looks like a shell from different direction.

Its small seal script is

which is similar to the big seal script, but lost some pictography.

Its clerical script is

similar to the small seal script.

The Song typeface for its traditional character is

which is very similar to the clerical script.

The Song typeface for its simplified character is 

The pictography is completely lost for reducing three strokes, which is not a smart change.

Because the shell was used as currency in ancient time, all characters containing a 貝 mean something related to "wealth", "money", "fortune" , or "rich", which will be discussed in later posts.

Its pinyin is Bei4.