Monday, May 21, 2018

Amazing Chinese Characters (199) Buy - 买(買)

The shell bone script for character Buy is

The middle top is Shell, which was used as currency or money in ancient China. The bottom and sides is a net. If a person takes a net of money (shell), he must go to buy something.

The bronze script for Buy is

The net on the top, and the shell in the bottom in this character.

The big seal script for Buy is

The net on the top, and shell in the bottom, similar to the bronze script but more symmetrical.

The small seal script is

very similar to big seal script.

The clerical script for Buy is

The net on top became to a horizontal 目(Eye), which may be miswritten from 网 (Net).

 The current traditional character (song typeface) for Buy is

almost same as its clerical script.

The current simplified character (song typeface) for the character is

which is completely changed, no any similarity to the old scripts, and meaningless. You have to memorize it.

Its pinyin is Mai3.

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