Monday, May 21, 2018

Amazing Chinese Characters (200) Sell - 卖(賣)

The bronze script for character Sell is

the top

has an Eye (the bottom) and Grow or Create (the top), the overall means Introspection.

The bottom of the full character

 is Shell (currency, or money).

Sell is people who think about the right price for him to sell certain item.

The big seal script for Sell is

Which is changed a lot.

The top

means "out". here is "give out", meaning "sell"

is Foot, the curve on the right bottom means an exit of a property.  I will discuss the character Out in another post.

The bottom part
 is Buy

Here the Out should mean that the opposite action of the Buy = Sell.

The small seal script is

same as its big seal script, the top is "out", the middle is Net, the bottom is Shell.

The clerical script is

which is more like its bronze script. The top is Out, the middle is changed from Net (网)to  Eye (目) , which may be a mistake because the two are very similar, or an intentional change back to old script.

The current traditional character (song typeface) is

same as clerical script.

The current simplified character (song typeface) is

total changed without any similarity to old scripts, and lost all pictography and ideogram.

Its pinyin is Mai4.

People put 買賣 - buy and sell together, which means Business.

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