Monday, July 23, 2018

Amazing Chinese Characters (205) Millet - 粟

The shell bone script of character Millet is

Its big seal script is

Its small seal script is

All above are similar to its counterparts of character Chestnut (see Post 204). 

For example, the small seal script for character Chestnut 

the top of Millet is same as the top of counterpart of Chestnut, the bottom in Chestnut is Wood

which means that the chestnuts grow on tree.

The bottom in Millet is Rice

which means that the Millet grow on plant similar to Rich plant.

The clerical script for character Millet is

The song typeface for the character is

very similar to its clerical script.

The difference between 粟(Millet) and 栗 (Chestnut) is very small in the bottom, the 米(Rice) for 粟(Millet), and 木 (Wood) for 栗 (Chestnut).

The pinyin for 粟(Millet) is Su4.

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