Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Amazing Chinese Characters (207) Spoon - 勺

The shell bone script of character Spoon is

the bottom is the handle, and the half circle is the spoon rest, and the small circle is the food.

In comparison, we can see the shell bone script for character Fork (Post 179)

the two short lines are food, means that the fork inserts into the food.

The bronze script of the character Spoon is

similar to the traditional Chinese wood spoon, which is still popular.

The big seal script for the character is
which is the vertical view of a spoon.

The small seal script for the character is

which is bent too much, lost some pictography.

The clerical script for the character is
We see some similarity of the clerical script to the small seal script above.

The song typeface of the character is

Its Pinyin is Shao2.

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