Thursday, September 6, 2018

Amazing Chinese Characters (208) Ice - 冰

The bronze script for character Ice is

which means half-wave. We know that the water wave is repeating the above to describe the continuing water flow. So half-wave means that the water flow stops, no continuing, which is frozen ice.

The big seal script for the character is

the left part is character Water, the right part is half-wave, which means water is frozen to be ice.

The two big dots on the right may be an ice cubes because Chinese cut the ice to cubes and carry them home by horse.

which could be stored in basement or a cave to keep food cold in summer.

The small seal script for Ice is

now, the left is half-wave, and right part is Water.

The clerical script for Ice is

the left two dots is half-wave, and the right part is Water.

The song typeface for character Ice is

The pinyin for the character is Bing1.

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