Thursday, September 6, 2018

Amazing Chinese Characters (210) Summer - 夏

The shell bone script of character Summer is

The left part is a bare foot person, the right part is a hoe. Summer is the season when people are busy on the field.

The bronze script is

The middle top is a head of person, middle right is a hand, middle left means divination, the bottom one is an ancient plough, the bottom left is a knife, which means that people have to predict the weather by divination, then use plough and knife to work in the summer.

The small seal script is

The top is the head, and two hands in the middle sides, and the bottom is a foot. Summer people are busy with their hands and feet.

The clerical script is

We still see the head, and foot, but no hands.

The song typeface for the character is

Its Pinyin is Xia4.

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