Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Amazing Chinese characters (214) Right - 右

The shell bone script of character Right is

which is a right hand. 

We learn character Hand in big seal script

The difference is that the hand in character Right is a moving hand, but the hand in character Hand is a static hand, no moving. Character with the former hand means catching, hitting, moving, holding, etc. Character with the latter means something related to hand.

The big seal script of character Right is

There is a Mouth under the hand.  Ancient Chinese put the right hand in front of mouth to pray. But it evolved to pure Right later on.

The small seal script of Right is

which is similar to the corresponding big seal script.

The clerical script of Right is

The top changed a lot. The half circle in old scripts become less curved, and the middle horizontal turning to downward line becomes pure horizontal line, which is easy to write, but less pictography.

The song type face is

The Pinyin for character Right is You4.

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