Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Amazing Chinese Characters (215) Left - 左

The shell bone script for character Left is

which is like a left hand.

In comparison with character Right in shell bone script,

which is a mirror image of Left.

The bronze script for Left is

The top is left hand, the bottom is character Say (see post 158), which means that raise left hand to the chest and pray. Probably ancient Chinese raised left hand while paying.

The big seal script for Left

the bottom is character Tool, I don't know the reason for this change. The Pictography Dictionary explains: Invocation. Which doesn't explain why there is a 工 at the bottom.

The small seal script for Left is

Similar to the big seal script.

The clerical script for Left is

the top changed a lot, we could imagine that the half curve in small or big seal scripts becomes to be a straight light, the long bent to right line becomes to be bent to left.

Right now the top of Left is same as the top of Right in clerical script.

The bottoms are different, Left has 工, Right has 口.

The song typeface for Left is

Which is almost same as its clerical script.

The Pinyin for Left is Zuo3.