Sunday, December 16, 2018

Amazing Chinese characters (217) Magnificence - 华(華)

The big seal script of character of Magnificence is

which is same as character of 花 - Flower (See Post 69). They were the same originally

The small seal script of Magnificence is
which is similar to 花 (Flower) in small seal script.

The clerical script of Magnificence is

which is different from the character Flower of clerical script as the one blow.

The top is grass radical to indicate the character is related to grass type plant. The bottom is 化,which means Change. I guess that is from running or cursive script, which simplifies the character for fast writing.

Traditional song typeface is
Same as the clerical script.

Simplified song typeface is

In most cases, the Pinyin for 华 is Hua2. In comparison, Pinyin for 花(Flower) is Hua1, very close. Both characters are used as family names. 花 has the same pronunciation as Hua1, however 华 is pronounced Hua4 as a family name.

Chinese say China as 中华, 中 means middle, here is 中国 because ancient Chinese believed that China was in the center of the world, so China is a country in the center of the world: 中国(国 is country).

Chinese say themselves as 华人(Magnificent People). 华人 =  Chinese (in race, not nationality).

Another interesting thing about 华/華 is that Chinese call huge colorful decorated lantern as 华灯 (灯 is lantern) because it looks like flower.  (The small ones in family is not 华灯)

- 华灯 in Tiananmen Square

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