Friday, March 29, 2019

Amazing Chinese Characters (231) Before - 先

The shell bone script for character Before is

The top

is a foot.

The middle is a horizontal line, meaning the ground.

The bottom

is a human or person.

A person follows a foot, which is somebody's foot, who is in front of him or before him.

The small seal script for the character is
The top is foot, the bottom is human, some similarity to the shell bone script.

The clerical script is
Changed a lot, not much similarity but still can see the loose connection with the small seal script.

Right now, the character means Before, In front of, Priority, Earlier, Ancestor, etc. Something in advance or before either in physical position, or time, or priority, normally by combining with another character to form word to distinguish the subtle difference, for example: 先前,先到,先辈,优先,etc., which is belong the content of this blog.

The Pinyin for the character is Xian1.

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