Sunday, August 11, 2019

Amazing Chinese Characters (236) Capital - 京

The shell bone script of character Capital is

A high building with a support pillar, only could be seen in Capital in the ancient time.

It is very similar to High - 高(Post 124)
 a 口 in the bottom, which could be a city gate, the highest building of the city in ancient time

Both characters are similar, present big buildings.

The bronze script of character Capital is

Similar to shell bone script except there are two short horizontal lines on top, which may be the second floor or attic.

The big seal script of character Capital is

Similar to bronze script.

Its small seal script is

changed, but we still can see the similarity to the old scripts.

Its clerical script is

changed big, difficult to see the pillar and the lookout tower.

We say 北京 - Bei Jing: The capital in north.

南京 - Nan Jing: The capital in south (It was capital in China).

Its Pinyin is Jing1.

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