Friday, January 17, 2020

Amazing Chinese Characters (260) Worship - 拜

The bronze script of Worship is

The left one has a Hand (See Post 55) on the right, and Wheat (See Post 146) on the left, which offers a sacrifice to Heaven during praying for good weather in early spring.

The middle one just exchanged the hand and wheat.

The right one, left is hand, right one is a person kneeling down.

The small seal script of Worship is

The left is Hand, the right is wheat, but is different from the character Wheat.

The clerical script of Worship is

left is hand, right is wheat, different from the character Wheat though.

The song typeface is

Its Pinyin is Bai4.

拜 has widely used not only for Worship, but for serious visits between people normally means the visit is a formal, showing respect.

People worship Buddha

Hold incense and pray.

It is used also for visits during Chinese New Year period, people say "拜年“ (年 - Year, See Post 126).

and make a bow with hands folded in front, one is fist another is open palm.  

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