Sunday, May 17, 2020

Amazing Chinese Characters (287) Calculate - 算

The bronze script for character Calculate is

which is a schematic diagram, the bamboo sticks in different arrays to express different number.

The big seal script for the character is
The top is called "Bamboo head", means that the character is related to bamboo. The middle is the diagram of the bamboo sticks, and the bottom are two hands.

The small seal script for the character is
Similar to the big seal script.

The clerical script for the character is
Some similarity to the old scripts.

Which is similar to Chinese abacus.

which has been used about at least 1800 years.

It is interesting to point out that the character had a simplified song typeface:

Which had been used for decades, but it is abolished recently. I didn't pay attention when it was abolished, probably 10 years already. You may see this character in some newspapers or documents printed in 1960s to 2000s(?). 

The reason why it is abolished may be that it has nothing to do with the old scripts. It is good to abolish the strange one.

Its Pinyin is Suan4.

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