Sunday, March 7, 2021

Amazing Chinese Characters (344) Administer - 尹

 The shell bone script of character Administer is

The right is a hand holding a scepter on the left, which means he has the power to administer or rule.

The bronze script of the character is

The vertical stroke is the scepter and the rest is the hand with part of arm.

The small seal script of the character is

Similar to bronze script.

The clerical script of the character is

The scepter is bent to left, and the arm is too short to see.

Its song typeface is

Its Pinyin is Yin3.

尹 was used as Administer in very early time, but has not used as this meaning for two thousands plus years. Right now we can only see the meaning when 尹 is a part of character. But it is a popular family name now.

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