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Amazing Chinese Characters (378) Estimate and Make - 估, 做

The character of Estimate was same as character Trade (Post 377) because the bamboo measuring cylinder used to trade liquor is actually estimate, not accurate. 

As the time passed, the Estimate is separated from the character Trade - 沽. I found the big seal script of the character Estimate from 《在线汉语字典》-  Online dictionary of Chinese characters

The left is Person-Radical, the right is like character Ancient but actually is cylinder. The person uses the cylinder to estimate the liquor.

I have to point out that all other dictionaries do not list the above script as big seal script of Estimate. All list None in big seal script. So I am not sure if the above script is accepted by experts, highly unlikely but I don't know the reason why.

Even  《在线汉语字典》 - Online dictionary of Chinese Characters doesn't list small seal script of the character Estimate, neither all other dictionaries.

But all dictionaries list the clerical script of character Estimate

The left is Person-Radical, and the right is character Ancient but actually is bamboo measuring cylinder.

I could say that the character Estimate is separated from the Trade 沽 since clerical script. They may be the same before clerical script which was popular since Han Dynasty, about 2000 years ago. But we found a big seal script of character Estimate, which means that some people in some where might have used the character Estimate but not very popular. 

The song typeface of the character is

Its pinyin is Gu1 (same as 沽's pinyin).

Let's talk about character Make, a related character.

 All dictionaries have no shell bone, bronze, big seal, small seal scripts for character Make except 《在线汉语字典》- Online Dictionary of Chinese Characters, which has big seal script of character Make

The left is character Estimate. There is a little bit difference: the short horizontal line above the cylinder instead of a dot in the character Estimate. But they are same,  both are the hand holding the handle.

The right part is a hand (the bottom) holding a tool (the top), meaning to hit, here is to make the bamboo cylinder.

All dictionaries including 《在线汉语字典》-  Online Dictionary of Chinese Characters don't have small seal script, which is very rare.

The clerical script of the character is
Similar to the big seal script.
The song typeface of the character is

Its pinyin is Zuo4.

The character 做 was not a early created. but it is used very often nowadays.

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