Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Amazing Chinese Characters (495) Wei (Surname) - 韦(韋)

 The shell bone script of character Wei is

The middle square is a city or town, the top and bottom are feet, soldiers on patrol for defending the city. 


The bronze script of the character is

The circle is the city, the top and bottom are feet. 


The small seal script of the character is


Similar to shell bone script.

The clerical script of the character is

Similar to small seal script. 

The simplified song typeface of the character is


Completely changed to almost no similarity to old scripts, it is from cursive script. The pictography is destroyed.


The original meaning of the character has been lost long time ago, which is replaced by character Guard (Post 149) - 卫(衛). The character is used a surname now. However, it is an important part or radical in compound characters, in which it keeps its original meaning, like character Guard 卫(衛), the middle is 韋, which means the soldiers on patrol, the outside is character Walk - 行 (Post 96), emphasizing the patrol. 

Understanding this character will help you to understand many characters with it.

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