Monday, July 4, 2022

Amazing Chinese Characters (511) Gold - 金

 The bronze script of character Gold is

What is the meaning of the above character? There are disputes. Some people believe that it is Gold, the top triangle means Contain, the bottom means Soil, the two dots are gold particles. People pan for gold from soil. Others (more people) think that it is bronze not gold. The two dots are bronze which were extracted from soil by smelting. 

The big seal script of the character is
This one is better to see. The top triangle, the bottom is 土 - Soil (Post 223), the left two dots are the metal ether gold or bronze. 

The small seal script of the character is

Some changes: the biggest change is the two dots moved from side into the middle of the character.

The clerical script of the character is

Some similarity to small seal script.

The Pinyin of character 金 is Jin1.

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