Saturday, July 16, 2022

Amazing Chinese Characters (516) Big Wave - 涛(濤)

 The big seal script of character Big Wave is

The left is character Water. The right part is character Longevity (Post 507)

I enlarged the image, in order to see it clearly, for detail explanation, please see Post 507. Here, I want to point out that the middle part: a big reversed S, and two As inside, they are similar to the big wave in shape. The meaning of the Longevity includes Long, Continuous, Up and Down, which are similar to the big wave too.

Ancient Chinese used the similarity of character Big Wave to character Longevity, and added a Water on left side, which means that I mean the water wave here. Smart.

The small seal script of the character is 

Similar to big seal script. I need to tell that the two right side in both scripts miss the right bottom fork-alike part, which means hand. It may be due to the hand part is not important in Longevity, even less important in Big Wave. Also the character Big Wave is crowded, eliminating the hand  could get a little bit more space. 

The clerical script of the character is
The left is Three drop water radical, the right top 士 is the old man's hair, the horizontal-vertical turn is the body of the old man from the comparison with the small seal script. The 工 is two Us, the long horizontal line is the reversed S. The bottom 口, and 寸 - Hand.

The simplified song typeface of the character is

the right part is simplified to 

which is simplified song typeface of character Longevity.

The Pinyin of character 涛 is Tao1.


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