Saturday, August 20, 2022

Amazing Chinese Characters (524) Connect - (冓)

 The shell bone script of character Connect is

which are two characters Slowly (Post 251), fish traps tail to tail connected.

The tail of fish trap is not very neat, but rough with many bamboo sticks

What I saw when I was a kid back to 1960s, and 1970s, the tail of the trap has much longer bamboo sticks, and the trap is much smaller. You could push two trap tails together without rope, they are connected tightly. 

The bronze script of character Connect.  

Similar to shell bone script.

The small script of the character is

Similar to older scripts, but the lines are smoother.

The song typeface of the character is

The top and the bottom are not mirror relationship anymore. The top is not similar to fish trap anymore, lost the pictography.

The Pinyin of the character is Gou4.

The simplified Chinese has abandoned the character, but it is widely exist in many compound characters. It is very important to understand this character in order to understand compound characters in which 冓 is  included.

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