Sunday, September 11, 2022

Amazing Chinese Characters (533) Worry - 忧(憂)

The bronze script of character Worry is

A person who is worried, raises his hands, seems to say:"What can I do?". 

The big seal script of the character is

The two L alike on the left are two arms up, the middle 日 alike is the face, the up arrow is unclear. The bottom 7 alike is two legs. The two arms up is an action of the person in worrying mode. 

The small seal script of the character is

The top is the face, the inside of middle is character Heart (Post 24), the (   ) is a side view of body , the bottom is foot. It indicates that Worry is from heart, showing on the face. 

Let's see small seal script of character Love (Post 131)

The top is hand, the bottom is foot, they look very similar. The middle unsymmetrical curves is a side view of a body, the right curve is much longer, which is the body + legs. The corresponding part of character Worry symmetrical curves means that the person squats down, which indicates that he is too worried to be stand up. 

The clerical script of the character is
The top is the face, the middle two short vertical lines connected each other with a horizontal line is the body. Right below is the character Heart - 心. The bottom is a foot. 

The traditional song typeface of the character is

Same as the clerical script.

The simplified song typeface of the character is

which is another character existed long time ago. The right one means: special, extreme, hate, etc, no worry. Both are pronounced You1, which may be the reason why 忧 is chosen to be the simplified form of 憂. 

There is another character Worry - 虑 (Post 496). What is the difference between the two?

忧(憂)is pure Worry, or deep Worry. 虑 is less worry but some pressure, also 虑 means "Think seriously", "Long time thinking" for some important thing. The combination of the two 忧虑 is used very often, means Worry. 


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