Saturday, November 19, 2022

Amazing Chinese Characters (547) Do Not - 勿

 The shell bone script of character Do Not is

A person sweats profusely, the short left-falling lines are sweat drops. It may be due to sick, the person bent as S shape, can't stand straight because he is sick. Do not be like that, it is not good. However, it may be not sick, just because it is too hot. 

In Dictionary of Pictography, the above shell bone script is explained as a Bow (Post 43), I disagree. It is character Body (Post 423). Let's see the shell bone scripts for the two.

Shell bone script for character Bow

Shell bone script for character Body
We can see that shell bone script of Body is the one in character Do Not.

However, Dictionary of Pictography may refer to the bronze script of character Bow

Which is similar. 

But I think that the Body is the one, not the Bow. We should compare shell bone scripts, even though bronze script is close to the time when shell bone scripts were used, but there are hundreds years apart. 

Secondly, the shell bone script of character Pee (Post 500) shows the similar situation

Dictionary of Pictography explains that the dots are drops of poison liquid on the bow to kill enemy, which is not reasonable because poison liquid should put on Arrow, not on Bow. Besides, only a little bit poison needed, not spraying everywhere. Therefore, it is person who is sweating, not a bow with poison liquid dropping heavily.

The bronze script of character Do Not is

More sweating drops.

The small seal script of character Do Not is
The sweat drops becomes long lines. 

The clerical script of character Do Not
Similar to small seal script.

The Pinyin of the character is Wu4.

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